About This Site

I'm Colby Eckert (duh.), a computer science/information technology student currently at Kutztown Univerity of Pennsylvania, and in keeping with the tradition of all csit students before me, I also do freelance tech support (hire me please).

First off, this isn't going to be pretty, or particularly insightful, and it will be full of mistakes. I'm hosting this on an Ubuntu 17.10 server through DigitalOcean using a basic LAMP stack and as little JavsScript as I can manage. I'm also editing these posts by hand in raw HTML because why not? Do I really need a complex framework or thousands of lines of code just to do what is effectively screaming into the void? No. No I don't. Or maybe I do, who knows? If it ever changes it would likely be to ruby-on-rails.

If anyone ever decides to actually read any of these posts for whatever strange reason, you'll quickly come to know my absolute and unreasonable hatred for JavaScript and modern web development as a whole, my tendency to evangelically praise Linux and all things FOSS, and my generally poor (yet clean and passable) code quality.

There are a handfull of topics I'm planning on writing about, mostly dev-blogs following various projects and my thoughts about various technologies that pop into the public eye. There will be rants. I'll likely write a bit about my thoughts as a student just entering the tech industry, and there will be rants. There may be a few posts about table top rpgs, and there will be rants.

The css on this site will likely change a lot but the general layout and theme should remain consistent and the articles will likely recieve touch ups and additions as I see fit (this is a living site). There'll be a post every month or so, probably. There will be rants.